Interview with Larry Kenney

Larry Kenney is an American radio personality who was a regular on Imus In The Morning. He is most famous in the States for being the voice of Sonny the Cuckoo Bird and worldwide as Lion-O from the cartoon Thundercats.

Interview conducted 1st September 2002


  1. Larry you’ve been in the entertainment business for 40 years, what would you say has been the happiest point in your career?
  2. I’ve heard that you do Elvis Presley impressions. Can you sing like him as well?
  3. How big is Thundercats in the USA?
  4. There was so much merchandise ‘back then’. Did you collect any of it?
  5. When you sign autographs do you sign pictures of yourself or Lion-O?
  6. Thundercats often had morals to each programme as they were trying to teach children as well as entertain them. Due to this there were a lot of cheesy lines. Did you ever look at the script and go “What the hell…”?
  7. Being morally and therefore politically correct, there must have been a gay Thundercat. Which one was it?
  8. Do you come to Britain often?
  9. If the creators wanted to bring back Thundercats and they once again approached you to do Lion-O, would you?
  10. What happens if they wanted to re-invent it and, like so many nostalgic things, do an X rated episode. Would you be prepared to take part?
  11. Did Cheetara ever give you the horn?
  12. Was the actress who played Cheetara, sexy in real life?
  13. Do you ever go out and get recognised by your voice?
  14. If you’re feeling down one day do you go out and put on one your famous voices to get attention?
  15. When did you meet your wife?
  16. When your son was younger did you ever used to show him Thundercats?
  17. How does it feel to walk down the street or for someone to say your name and not be known, however the character you play to be a celebrity in his own right?
  18. How did you find out that you had this talent for creating all your voices?
  19. What’s the most bizarre thing you’ve done to get a job?
  20. Famously around the Internet there are outtakes from the Thundercats recording sessions – THUNDERCATS OUTTAKES ARE PLAYED – We hear you lose your temper in these, so did you ever loose your temper with the cast? Did you hit anyone?
  21. Have you ever dressed up in a life size Lion-O costume for your wife?
  22. Can you sing the Thundercats theme tune?
  23. How do you relax?
  24. What do you see yourself doing this time in 10 years time?
  25. How did you get inside the mind of Lion-O and Jackleman? Did you analyse them?
  26. If there was to be a fight between He-Man and Lion-O, who do you think would win and why?
  27. How would you say you’ve contributed to the good of mankind?
  28. Can you please record an answering machine message for me?
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